New Track – Triumph

I created this original work over Christmas as I got to spend 3 days in the studio.

I hope you like it. Feel free to comment.

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New Mix

I’ve started to compile a new mix today, having fun choosing tracks.

This one is going to be Pop / Dance along the same style as Slipit’s Mix because the feedback I’ve received seems to indicate a desire for that.

I’m choosing tracks released in August 2013 of which there are lots.

If anyone would like to suggest a track please do.

I’ve also now got an account on Beatport so will upload mixes there too.

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Nu Disco, OO-MOX Mix

Another mix just completed. This time I’ve not done very much to the tracks themselves as I didn’t feel they need it but I have added some sounds (close encounters) you’ll hear what I mean. I did those notes on the Ableton Push and it had to be done. As you hit the buttons on the push they light up and it just reminded me of Close encounters of the 3rd kind from the 80’s.

oo-mox  OO-MOX Mix

I did it for a laugh but actually added it into the mix nicely I hope you’ll agree.

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My first mix "Slipit's Mix" on mixcloud was about learning Ableton 9 Live for me. I used to great songs but spent a lot of time (64 hours) 1st learning how to, then doing this mix.

Slipit's Mix

Slipit’s Mix by Paul Howes Aka Reg! on Mixcloud

Mixcoud is a great way for artisits to publisise their music, DeeJays to show off their skills and give an insight into the music they enjoy and for listeners to become exposed to many genres and follow their favourate artists and deejays works.

Every time you listen to a mix made by a deejay the artisits the deejay has listed each recieve a payment from Mixcloud via PRS or other royalty performing rights organisations. Mixcloud gets it’s revenue from advertisers on the site. Deejays like me don’t receive any money but we do it for love and fame if not fortune.

I think you should be able to purchase the mixes and pay the deejays something but I beleive they are working on that.

You see from a deejay point of view we will take a track then mess aroud with it, improving it, or so we beleive. So although Mixcloud gives you the ability to buy the tracks, I feel when you download that track you may be surprised to find it doesn’t sound the same as it did in the mix. This is because you purchase what we have used as raw ingreedients to our mixes.

In fact that’s a good way to put it, you buy what you think in apple pie and are sent flour & eggs apples and a few other bits with no recipy.

That said I don’t begrudge the artisits their money. Not at all, far from it. Originallity, artisic flare and hard work should always be rewarded. Otherwise they can’t afford to eat, end up working in another industry and that future potencial music is lost forever.

So visit Mixcloud, if you have a Facebook account you don’t even need to register. If you listen to any of my mixes on Mixloud please leave a comment. Good or bad. I can take it.

Thanks for listening.

aka REG! – I live for music.

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I live for music

Whilst I get to grips with music production, I’ve put together some DeeJay mixes too.

I’ve been a Deejay for more than 25 years so some habits are hard to break.

I’ve setup a SoundCloud Account for any new tracks I create and a Mixcloud account for my mixes.

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